Natural and Painted Wood Shingles

One distinctive feature of Bay Area architecture is the various styles of natural and painted wood shingle houses. Natural cedar shingles are, by far, the most common type of shingle used for original and new construction.

We work on both new and old shingles, and will recommend the best preservatives and finishes for your needs.

Natural wood shingles
Many homeowners are unaware that natural wood shingles, left untreated, will become severely damaged by sun and moisture exposure and eventually require replacement. This damage is visible in "cupping" or curling shingles, especially on southern, western and east-facing exposures. Cupped shingles become quite thin over time as UV, heat, and moisture damage the soft wood cellulose.

There are currently many products and choices to treat and replace the natural oils in the wood. Old shingles are always cleaned prior to re-sealing to ensure the brightest final finish. We can provide our clients with information on our methods of cleaning and determine the best product for preserving your older shingles.

Shingle finishes
Four kinds of finish are available for wood shingles: Transparent oil (this can include a tone or color), semi-transparent stain, solid (or opaque) stain, and an exterior paint in a flat or low sheen finish. Transparent, semi-transparent oils and stains are always one-coat systems which makes the correct preparation and application essential to having the best and most long-lasting final result.

Above: Old shingles have been removed before trim and exterior detail painting. Below: New natural finish shingles in place.